Enable mailing list mode

If you would like to receive an email for every post on the site you can go to your Preferences page and then the Email page and then tick the Enable mailing list mode form.

Thanks I have done that, so you should get a email…?

Great, looking forward to it!

Yes but I haven’t ticket reply by email enabled to the Reply-To address wasn’t correct…

This is a test reply by email!

It should show up in the postfix logs…

Reply by email is currently broken, the /var/log/mail.log has logs of the rejections:

Aug 28 15:58:06 discourse postfix/smtpd[25230]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from mx.webarch.net[]: 554 5.7.1 <discourse+f08cbb9961a9de116b4464a658ccf909@discourse.webarchitects.org.uk>: Recipient address rejected: Mail to this address is not accepted. Check the address and try to send again?; from=<> to=<discourse+f08cbb9961a9de116b4464a658ccf909@discourse.webarchitects.org.uk> proto=ESMTP helo=<mx.webarch.net>

Note that the from=<> field is blank…

Do we need to sort out auth checks?

Rejected email are listed here:


But that is a list of email to root@discourse.webarchitects.org.uk so doesn’t help…

The test ones I have sent today haven’t got that far, they don’t appear to get past Postfix?

This is working as far as I can tell


is interesting ?

Great, but odd, I wonder why the email I sent was rejected?

Is reply by email still working?

Not sure… need to trigger a email from the server in order to be able to reply first…

This is a reply by email…